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Welcome to the home of Hall Knife and Forge, Calgary Alberta. 


We are a manufacturer of premium hoof knives, propane gas forges and other select tools used in the Farrier and Blacksmith trades.


The hoof knife by Hall Knife & Forge is the core of our business based on over 30 years of history supplying farriers and blacksmiths with refined, time-tested hoof knives and propane gas forges. 


The Hall knife uses high carbon steel that is heat treated and tempered through a time consuming, exacting process. This level of commitment to craft is evident, and Farriers worldwide use these knives manufactured in smaller batches.


Hall Knife and Forge tools are sold through dealers and suppliers in North America and Europe. 

Propane Gas Forges
When You Really Need
To Turn Up The Heat

Hall Knife and Forge builds high-quality blacksmithing forges. These small portable propane fueled gas forges are often used by modern day farriers and many blacksmiths. 


Who Are We?

Hall Knife and Forge is a proud and purposefully small Canadian manufacturing company based in Calgary that specializes in high quality Hoof Knives, pickup-truck portable Propane Forges and an assortment of other useful tools.  As long as horses walk this earth, there will always be Farriers and Blacksmiths- and the tools they need will fundamentally always exist.


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Information & Inquiries

Hall Knife & Forge Provides its high quality knives through select dealers in North America & Europe.


For information on these and our other products, or retail and purchasing information, please fill out the form. 

Head Office

Head Office & Manufacturing:

Bay 18, 4320-75 Avenue SE 

Calgary Alberta T2C 2H8


Phone 403.236.3311 
Fax     403.236.3342

Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

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