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About Hall Knife & Forge


Rick Hall is the founder and President of Hall Knife & Forge.  He is a retired member of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), an armoured regiment of the Canadian Army.


During his time with the Strathcona Ceremonial Riding Troop, he completed the Farrier Science program at Olds College to become the Regimental Farrier for the Strathconas.


After leaving the military in 1978 he started his new career as a Farrier in the Calgary area eventually achieving the Journeyman Farrier status about 10 years later.

Rick was a regular competitor in blacksmith competitions around Alberta, and made an appearance several times in the prestigious World Championship Blacksmith Competition that's held yearly at the Calgary Stampede. 


He would spend 20 years servicing show jumpers, dressage, ranch and pleasure horses at some of Alberta's premier stables and private ranches. For many years he was fascinated with metal work, and always had a small workshop to experiment with the element of making knives of all kinds for his own satisfaction. Anything from kitchen knives to large Bowie knives and small folding pocket knives.


Eventually he created his own style of hoof knives, suited to his personal preference. In 1985 Rick started a small company with a farrier friend of his refurbishing farrier tools and creating his new line of hoof knives. They built their business up with Rick eventually buying out his partner 5 years after its start, creating Hall Knife and Forge as we know it today, from a small garage based project to his current establishment-a full production facility in Calgary's Foothills Industrial Park.  


Rick employs two full time production staff Mike & Dean, and his wife Susan has been the long time business manager. 

Hall Knife & Forge is still a small company to this day, but the product it delivers to farriers around the world is one that is time tested, of very high quality craftsmanship, and sold at a fair price. The Knives are hand assembled, hand sharpened and each one is built with individual attention.


Rick has been fortunate throughout this endeavors to have been associated with many fellow farriers and blacksmiths who have enabled him to perfect his designs and offer the maximum in usability for the trade.

Hall Knives are shipped to retailers in Canada, the United States, Australia and the European Market. Although Hoof Knives are the core of business, Rick also produces portable propane & natural gas blacksmith forges, hydraulic vice stands and tool boxes.

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