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Propane Gas Forge
& Parts

Fast & Portable

Hall Knife and Forge builds quality propane blacksmithing forges for the experienced professional or the emerging hobbyist. With the popularity of the TV Show "Forged In Fire" the interest in hobbyist blacksmithing has seen significant growth.


These small, portable propane-fueled gas forges are used by modern day farriers and blacksmiths as a cleaner option to coal-fired forges. The double-burner ovens can heat metal to a glowing red temperature in approximately 1 minute!  Perfect when time is of-the-essence.


Also, operation is easy and designed for low noise, and say goodbye to the harmful pollutants and smoke that coal forges provide.


The firebrick liner is completely replaceable and the we will build to suit if special modifications are required.


Forge Parts 

We sell replacement parts for your Hall built Propane Blacksmith Forge.

  • Hose & Regulators

  • Burners

  • High-Heat liner blanket

  • Propane Valves

  • Refractory Board

  • Double Burner array

  • Mixing Tubes

If you have any questions, or need to order parts, please contact us for pricing and further information.  


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